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We kindly ask you to submit your best work in just one of the categories below. Multiple submissions, and submissions by the same author to multiple categories, are politely declined without review. Thank you for understanding the time and energy it takes to give your work our best attention and consideration. 

 For the April online issue will be selecting works that revolve around the theme of climate justice. Climate justice is a term that involves shifting the discussion of climate crisis to address the unequal impact that climate change has on our most vulnerable communities and the systematic change needed to correct it. 

The narratives associated with climate change are often apocalyptic, hopeless, dark, a foreboding sense that everything here now will end, the world a picture of a place unfamiliar and frightening. Those stories can seem very far from the world where we currently reside. 

We are looking for work that shows us the other stories that exist within the evolving climate—stories that involve the people and places connected to and impacted by this changing world. We want to see how humans can change along with climate change. We want to know how you see life in this challenging day and age with regards to climate change, industrialization, deforestation, clean energy, sea levels, media bias, the end of the world, visions of the future, or other visions that are inspired by a climate-focused perspective. 

Show us your creative work that tells a story, illustrates an image, or contributes to the ongoing conversation around climate justice. 

Submissions are open to Bellevue College students only. Students may submit up to 5 poems at a time, and prose that is no longer than 3,000 words. 

We consider stories up to 1,500 words to be featured on our website. 

We consider stories and essays of up to 1,500 words to be featured on our website. 

Submit up to 5 poems at a time for consideration as featured content on our website. Poems should be submitted as one document, with page breaks between poems. If a poem is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your submission and resubmit the poems still to be considered. 

Give us something to notice. 

The current issue of Belletrist (Volume 4) is $10. Back issues of the magazine are $5. 

Students attending Bellevue College may submit to the Belletrist at any time during the year. Please specify if you are submitting to the print or online edition. Students may only submit in one genre; please do not submit again until you have heard a response. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, multiple submissions will not be read.  

Please make sure to include an email that you regularly check; NOT a student email address. 

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