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We kindly ask you to submit your best work in just one of the categories below. Multiple submissions, and submissions by the same author to multiple categories, are politely declined without review. Thank you for understanding the time and energy it takes to give your work our best attention and consideration. 

Update: Submissions are currently paused for anyone who is not a Bellevue College student or alumni.

For Bellezine 2022 we will be selecting works that revolve around the theme of power.

Power expands and contracts. It is subtle and striking. Power is exchanged, balanced, sought after, given and given up. It is present in relationships, politics, and work. It flows through the walls of our homes and in the engines of our vehicles.

Power is physical but also intangible. It is a thick, round bicep, a math problem, a soldier reaching for a weapon. It is a supervisor instituting a policy, and a parent saying no to dessert. Exchanges of power happen between strangers, world leaders, loved ones. Some seek to balance power, to reveal hope, to lead. But some seek to trip the breakers and surge ahead.

Through the pandemic we’ve watched as the exchange of social power has changed. People all around the world have demanded an examination of existing power structures, using their voices together in volume. The coronavirus emerged as a force, and for two years we have come up against it, making decisions based on uncertainties, feeling powerless. The energetic hum of social media has shown us the power of infectious ideas. Attempts to erase literature, to erase history, demands that we maintain the power of memory. And now, a power-hungry ruler seeks to increase his control.

For this issue we ask you to consider power, the large and small of it. Consider how we are all wild electricians, hungrily re-wiring connections between the known systems of distribution and our own dreams. Healing power, restorative power. Power of responsibility and suggestion. Power of experience, power of common ground. Power of silence. Power of need.

Submit your best work in one of the following categories: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or art. We will accept fiction and nonfiction up to 2500 words, or you may submit up to 5 poems, in one file.

Please include a short biography (1-2 sentences) with your work.

All submission received before April 15 will be considered for publication.

Featuring new work from Hattie Jean Hayes, K-Ming Chang, Rachel Karyo, Samantha Mueller, Jhanvi Ramaiya, Robert Boucheron, and Ashley Morrow Hermsmeier, this issue measures 7 inches tall by 33 feet long, with each piece published on a single line! Ships in an 8.5-inch tube.

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