Copies of our print issue can be purchased at the link below.

We kindly ask you to submit your best work in just one of the categories below. Multiple submissions, and submissions by the same author to multiple categories, are politely declined without review. Thank you for understanding the time and energy it takes to give your work our best attention and consideration. 

Our previous issue, Belletrist 5, lost its binding and unraveled in one line across a 33-foot scroll. Now there’s no way Belletrist 6 is getting back between those covers.

This year’s issue will be presented as a poster, with every story, poem, and essay comingling in a 40X60” full-color calligram.

And after two-plus years indoors, we've got plenty of dirty laundry to air.

What were your paragraphs doing under the bed all those months? How did that dress end up on a chandelier? Whose limerick is on your collar? What if socks could talk?

Belletrist 6 is seeking works of every stripe that wipe away the webs and dust out the corners. We need at least two pieces of up to 750 words, four pieces of up to 250, and as many as twenty pieces of 30 words or fewer, all of which will mingle, consort, and galivant across a belletristic urban tableau.

Think stanzas in the shape of buildings, sentences as long as clothes lines, confessional cars and prosaic pigeons, story skies with windy words bending blowing banners.

Due to the contortionist nature of calligrams, all pieces should be flexible format-wise. Line breaks may or may not be preserved once your sonnet fits into a pair of dungarees drying in the sententious sunlight.

Authors may submit as many as three pieces of up to 750 words, six pieces of up to 250 words, and as many poems of 30 words or fewer as they like. Please include the word count of each piece in your cover letter, along with a brief bio. Simultaneous submissions are fine so long as we are promptly notified of an acceptance elsewhere.

Featuring new work from Hattie Jean Hayes, K-Ming Chang, Rachel Karyo, Samantha Mueller, Jhanvi Ramaiya, Robert Boucheron, and Ashley Morrow Hermsmeier, this issue measures 7 inches tall by 33 feet long, with each piece published on a single line! Ships in an 8.5-inch tube.

Belletrist Magazine